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Thanks for visiting our site. Here's a little bit about us.

Anthony and Marie Rock are the owners of Golf Car City. Back in 2002, Anthony was driving over-the-road, taking loads of golf cars to the Nascar races, where they were used behind the scenes. After a bit of brain-storming, Marie and Anthony decided that there should be a golf car shop in the local area. It should cater to individual customers, not only the major fleet users like golf courses or racetracks. And so, GOLF CAR CITY was launched in 2003. We started with about 20 golf cars and a handful of parts. We transformed some of the carts, adding color and sparkle, making them appealing to customers for use around their homes, campsites, and/or small businesses. Golf cars are invaluable for so many things -- yard work, trash removal, animal tending, farming, traversing large parcels, gardening, transporting elderly and young folks, campground travel, construction site work, carrying tools, and so much more!

Today, we have several hundred golf cars in-stock, and we are a NEW CAR DEALER for E-Z-GO. We also have a large used car selection of E-Z-GO, CLUB CAR, and YAMAHA carts and parts. We also have access to some great 4x4s -- BAD BOY BUGGIES

Our goal is to see a golf car setting in every yard/garage in Western New York and beyond. If you can dream it, we can build it!
If you need a golf car, or golf car parts, we are your dealer.

We'll help you get what you want, and we'll get it to you as quickly as possible!